Saturday, March 8, 2008

Alex Boyé…He’s Got SPIRIT!

Have you ever dreamed of being on stage, singing your guts out as the next American Idol finalist or for anyone who would listen? Okay, maybe you’re only brave enough to sing your guts out in the shower when no one but your dog is home to hear. Either way, I have good news for YOU!

Alex Boyé (, entertainer extraordinaire, recently started conducting workshops ( ) tailored to teach you how to be a much better stage performer. His workshop will help you “be brave” on stage AND give you the secret for selling twice as many CDs.

Recently, I saw Alex and Jessie Clark Funk perform together for a Valentine’s concert sponsored by I was Amazed at his performance, especially considering he did all his singing, dancing, and comedy while sick. He lives by the actor’s motto “The Show Must Go On,” and with Alex, the show is never disappointing…no matter what state of health he’s in.

For those of you who don’t know much about Alex and his amazing accomplishments, let me just share this snippet from his personal bio with you: “Alex Boyé was born and raised in London, England. Alex became the lead singer in the European boy band Awesome and signed a recording contract with Universal Records in 1996. The band had hits in more than 15 countries, selling over half a million CDs and has performed alongside such artists as N'SYNC, The Backstreet Boys, Missy Elliott, Bryan Adams, Mary. J. Blige, the Smashing Pumpkins, and George Michael to name a few. Alex has since received the 2005 Male Artists Listener Award by the LDS Booksellers Association for his album entitled Testimony, and he also received the 2006 Spirit of Heritage Award for his notable work with youth, an honor also given to Senator Hatch, NBA star Thurl Bailey, and Elizabeth Smart in previous years. Additionally, Alex is the winner of two Pearl Awards from the Faith Centered Music Association.”

How Alex left his band and growing success behind and eventually wound up in Utah is an inspiring story he’ll have to share, and you’ll have to hear one day from him…as I could never do it justice.

So…back to making your dreams of stardom come true. I was fortunate enough to attend Alex’s very first stage performance workshop (, and I came out of it on fire! In it Alex shared his surefire performance plan—a “script” as he calls it—that guides you on how to rate each of your songs, choose the order to perform them in (or how to choose the right song if you can only sing one), and what you need to know about an audience.

As I listened, I remembered the times I performed with a group called the Perfect Mother’s Society and wished I had attended this workshop back in those days. One of the things I noted, with my past performances in mind, is that our most successful gigs (where we communicated well with our audience) were the ones where we had actually followed the steps (without us knowing it) that Alex outlines. It was AWESOME to get that kind of information on paper and learn how it has worked in Alex’s career. So, check out Alex’s website,, or right now, and find out how you too can attend his next workshop and become a STAR on STAGE! And, while you’re checking out Alex’s website, make sure to find out how to purchase his terrific new soulful CD Spirit.

If you live in Utah, go to in Centerville for information on the production of Big River that Alex will be starring in from the end of February through March.

Oh! And I forgot to mention…Alex is a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir too! Check out his solo, with full choir back up, at the link below. (NOTE: Drag the cursor to 18mins 46 seconds to get the video going.)
Watch the video now