Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jukebox Hero

“With stars in my eyes”…I’m sending you to Okay, in your kids' eyes, you have to be older than dirt to know I started this blog out in reference to an “Old” Foreigner song…but how could I resist since the “Jukebox” is such a cool new part of to visit?

Of course I’m totally partial to the since I’m a songwriter and, YES, you can check out a couple of my songs on the Jukebox. Although I’m listed as the artist, I’m really just the writer of the two songs I have on the Jukebox: “Toward Zion” is sung by Jen Handy and “Tempted” is sung by Jennifer Griffiths, who was also my cowriter on that song.

But enough about me…check out Dylan Jackson or Michael Squires with their cool sounds and vocals. You’ll love Michael’s tongue-in-cheek version of "LDS Piano Man." And if you’re a rocker, you’re going to “Bang Your Head” for joy to the heavy guitar sounds of Mark Hansen. Mark’s music proves the spirit works (lyrically anyway) through rockers too…though most of his songs will probably only get mom’s approval for play Monday-Saturday. Mark does NOT do easy-listening, help-you-unwind-on-the-Sabbath-day, kind of music.

If you want a cool pop or country sound that doesn’t require the sub woofer blasting to get the full effect of the song, then you’ll enjoy the music of Jennifer Lerud and Jeannine Lasky. Also there are more artists, songwriters, and composers to discover—some you probably already know, such as Barry Hansen, who sings a great Christian/country song called "One Step Closer."

Best of all, if you happen to be an LDS musician, or a musician who is LDS, or even an nonLDS musician looking to share your positive music with a growing market, you can become a member of the music registry for only $75.00 a year. With your membership you get the neighborhood’s basic advertising, AND you also qualify to add your music to the Jukebox for one low fee per song. You can also add a link for each song that sends listeners to purchase your music. Plus you can receive feedback and ratings from listeners. As the Jukebox concept becomes known, over time you will see many more artists sign on. Be one of the first to join and get DISCOVERED!