Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sara Bethany Ham - Wanna be Brave

Is the only good uplifting LDS music available found on Sunday radio programs? Is there anything out there with a good beat that isn’t preachy? ABSOLUTELY and you’ll find a ton of it featured on The Neighborhood Jukebox.

One of the great new artists featured on the site is Sara Bethany Ham, and you can catch her awesome new song, Awake, off her debut album, Wanna Be Brave, in the pop/rock/alt section of the neighborhood jukebox.

Greg Hansen sent me an e-mail a while back introducing me to his first artist, Sara Bethany Ham, with his new label “Eagle Springs Records”. I was really excited about her sound and voice.

An excerpt from Sara’s website bio, gives us this bit of background:

Even though Sara has been singing her entire life, she discovered her love for music at the age of 14 when she joined a mixed choir as a freshman in high school.

After graduation in 2004, Sara attended an enjoyable first year of college at BYU-Idaho…Late in her first semester, her mom, who says she is Sara’s biggest fan, called from Southern California and told her about a vocal competition to record on Jenny Phillips’ 2006 Young Women’s album in Utah. Sara flew to Salt Lake City and competed with 130 girls for the chance to record “I Call Your Name” on Jenny’s Arise and Shine Forth album. Sara won the competition, was chosen to record the song and felt very honored to have her picture put on the cover of the CD. Sara was then invited to join the prestigious Jenny Phillips’ fireside Group and it was here that she realized she had found the right path.

Wanna Be Brave” is an upbeat and truly contemporary album with songs full of energy and positive messages teens will love. And that is just who Sara is trying to reach…teens.
As Sara told me “The reason I made the album…when I’m performing, for the youth especially, the main point I want to bring out is the youth can be who they are and still be cool. The youth don’t have to lower their standards to fit in.”

And she should know, barely past her teen years herself, Sara survived those crazy confusing times strong in faith and determined to help other youth stay on a positive course. “Wanna Be Brave”, the title song of her new album, is all about being brave enough to be true to the faith in this world of temptation. And Sara has made it her life’s mission to inspire the youth of today to reach higher and “Be Brave”.

While her first album is a major accomplishment she is even excited and proud of her upcoming wedding to fiancĂ© Kimball Mack. They first met during a High school choir festival in Las Vegas then met again at BYU after Kimball’s mission. Best of all…he sings too! I have a feeling that music will be playing a great roll in their life together and hopefully continue to bless the lives of others.

So do yourself a favor and check out Sara Bethany Ham at The Neighborhood Jukebox or at and find out for yourself what great contemporary LDS music is all about.

Till I write again,
Julie Keyser

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