Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lindy Kerby—One of God’s Great Instruments

Have you ever been so thrilled by the unexpected that it puts you to tears? I recently was by my good friend Lindy Kerby. I’ve known Lindy for several years as she was one of the foursome, along with myself, who performed together as the “Perfect Mother’s Society”. I thought I knew Lindy’s music and style better than just about anyone, but at BYU Women’s Conference, held the end of May…Lindy totally blew me away!

Sitting in the DeJong Concert Hall at BYU I probably bragged just a little too much to the sisters sitting next to me about my good friend Lindy’s amazing musical talents. She was performing at the end of the “Women of God” workshop we were attending. I can’t describe what a thrill ran through me as I saw and heard Lindy perform her original duet “I’ll Stay with You” with the fabulous actress/singer Jessica Perry. I was overcome with the spirit during their incredible vocal performance as they acted out the parts of Naomi and Rachel from the Old Testament. It felt like we were watching the climactic scene of a Broadway theatre piece. Everyone was brought to tears and when it was all over I turned to the gal next to me, as we were wiping our eyes, and said “Didn’t I tell you she was good?”

The song “I’ll Stay with You” can be found on Lindy’s newest CD “Thy God, My God”. While this album only contains three of Lindy’s original songs it also includes the background tracks to all three allowing you to sing along if you want and perform them yourself. Plus it includes one of Lindy’s beautiful original piano medleys as a bonus track. Lindy has used three wonderful vocalists, besides herself, on this album…Jessica Perry, Angel Howlett, and Rebecca Lopez. You can go to The Neighborhood Jukebox at and listen to a full length recording of “Living Water” sung by the gorgeous vocals of Rebecca Lopez.

I know how many years this has been in the making for Lindy and I’m so happy to see her dream finally start coming to fruition with the release of her first album of her original songs. Her first album, of just her beautiful piano medleys is called “Little Miracles” and can be found at

So do yourself a favor and check out Lindy Kerby’s music and see why she is an inspiration in my life and will be in yours!


Anne Bradshaw said...

Great post, Julie! And you're just the person I need to contact about my new Family Home Evening book project.

I'll see if I can work out how to contact you on the blog.

Anne Bradshaw said...
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